The international youth meeting - IJB - in Dachau offers participants from all over the world a place, where they can deal with questions about the past, present and future.

Democracy means: The representation of different people – as the IJB. We are participating in a culture of remembrance, where long forgotten victims are mentioned and represented in the collective memory.
~ Jana


For me, being part of an actor of remembrance culture, means: Taking on responsibility and making an effort for a strong and solidary civil society. Remembrance stands for accountability which is a great aspect to judge a democratic government.
~ Nicole

~ Leni

I joined the team one year ago. Our past shaped our present, so to remember means to better understand the world of today. ~ Anton

To me, democracy is all about acknowledging other opinions and perspectives. At the IYM we offer a platform to young people to share and discuss their thoughts with others.
~ Svenja

~ Bernat

Why is the culture of remembrance important nowadays?

All societies are tied with their history, so it is important that their citizens learn and remember what was done in the past, in order to repeat those good aspects and to be conscious and try to avoid the repetition of the shameful ones.
~ Bernat

That's why I think, that projects like the IJB are necessary and a proof of good democratic quality. Remembrance is also necessary to face some global threats to democracy and peace in the 21st century. 
~ Bernat

~ Wolfi





In our time of globalization it is important to remember how much damage can hatred do. Nothing can help remember it better than memories of the past.
~ Vivi

I am part of the IJB because I want to engage with young people on difficult topics
~ Hannah


By working with the IJB-team for and with young people all over the world, I try to open the minds of young people for one another and to dismantle any prejudices.
~ Catharina

I'm member of IJB since 2015. I think the culture of remembrance is important these days to teach us, as an example, about actions and things that happend and what consequences those actions had and to prevent from happening again.
~ Stefan

Every summer over 100 young people from around 25 nations come to learn about the history of the Dachau concentration camp, National Socialism and today's forms of exclusion, racism and discrimination.